Zobar PIN 7773

Zobar PIN 7773

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Hi there. I am Zobar, I am a happy go lucky soul with 17 years of experience of being gifted. I have been gifted from the age of five. My first experience of spirit was when I was five, I saw a young woman, it frightened me so it did and so I walked away from my gift until I was 12 years old. I embraced speaking spirit and would often have conversations with two spirits (a male and female) and it would be normal conversation like I would with anyone else in my family or friends. I truly enjoy this because I can help people, I like giving advise and find this role very rewarding. My gifts are palm reading, clairvoyance, art therapy readings and energy readings, I am also an Empath. The aids I use in my service are Tarot Cards and Pendulum. As a reader I am very straight forward and do not hold back the truth.

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