Helen PIN 7771

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Welcome to my profile. I am an intuitive tarot card reader, empathy, past live reader and photograph energy reader. I use tarot/oracle cards along with a pendulum for yes/no answers. I recognised my gifts as a teenager but on reflecting on my life I realise that my ability was with me from a very early age. As a young girl on many occasions I would regularly feel other people’s feelings and that intensified as I got older. I have always been interested in the mystical side of life and very drawn tarot. My reading very objective, there are no judgements and I refrain from giving my opinions I deliver the message that I see in the cards. I am honest and upfront therefore your read will be clear concise. I feel Tarot is a source of guidance and inspiration to help people move forward in their lives and I feel truly honoured and blessed to be able to assist in this area. I really enjoy helping other people on a daily basis and it gives me great satisfaction.
Helen PIN 7771

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