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Tarot is the storybook of our lives, the mirror to our souls, and the key to our inner wisdom as it brings clarity to past issues and future prospects alike. Tarot card readings with Jada and friends is one of the best sources for tarot reading in the local area. Are you in a dilemma and want to understand your future or fate to keep you on the right path? Examine your life in a new perspective with a tarot card reader, and find the answers you seek with us. Inquire through the form below to book a reading today.

The Tarot Services We Offer

We try to make a connection between your subconscious and conscious mind, helping you banish uncertainty and stress to create a state of emotional and psychological well-being you look for. Our cards will reflect the current influences in your life. You will learn to trust your intuition and have in-depth insights about your future using tarot as a guide. We promise a professional experience with guaranteed anonymity.

Understanding readers

We understand and respect that some of you may be sceptical about the truth behind card reading and spiritualism, but we always ask our participants to experience our services with an open and non-judgemental mindset. Our clairvoyants are experienced readers and their powers and skill is something they take seriously as a tool to help others. Although not medicinal or holistic, our card readers are empathetic and informative when it comes to your readings.


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Thank you Tonya for your skills tonight. It tickled me when you mentioned my hubby putting out his hand. He loved to hold my hand. Its just 3 months ago I lost him and honestly I never dreamt of …
Sally Talsma-Laws
First reading experience - it was wonderful. Very honest and kind. Very much accurate. Gave me a lot of guidance as well.
Amanda Hole
So love card readings in the morning Ty xx
Tracy Lynn Wilhoit

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